Wednesday, May 31, 2017

I Love My Life

My life is a mess. It is a beautiful mess though. But I love my life.
I love my life even when my brother pees in the tub.
I love my life even when my sister hits me in the head with a hard ball.
I love my life even when everyone is taking sides.
I love my life even when I have to give up going on vacations.
I love my life even when I end up making supper for 10.
I love my life even when I have to wash 18 pots and pans.
I love my life even when my brother screams non stop for no reason.
I love my life even when there is constant arguing and whining.
I love my life even my sister won't speak to me.
I love my life even when I wind up sitting between two car seats on a car ride. 
I even love my life when I have to watch my siblings instead of hanging out with friends.
Cause this is my life and it is beautiful. And I wouldn't trade it for any other life. Not even if you offered me a million dollars. My life may not be perfect, but it is perfect. To me. 

Monday, May 8, 2017

Haiti 2x

I recently was given the amazing opportunity to go back to the place that I love. Haiti. This time, I was able to go with my church and my friends which made it even more special! I will not compare the two trips because they were completely different. I liked and disliked things about each of them but one was not better than the other. This trip, we were able to go up into the mountains to a beautiful church. This trip we were not as 'spoiled' per say. We slept on the cement floor, had to take military style showers, could not flush our toilets, had way more malaria infested bugs, did more physical work, but I would go back and do it all again tonight. The way love works, is when your heart is so full of love, joy, and peace, it doesn't matter what you have to endure. You love where you are, who you are with, so much, that sleeping on a floor under a mosquito net doesn't matter. Playing in the pouring rain resulted in us getting soaked and smelly. But we didn't waste our limited time with those children by thinking about ourselves. That's how God works. He created us with the ability to love those around us with such a passion. He creates this burning fire, passion, inside of us that nothing can put out. A passion so big that when we leave our babes, we never forget them. We come home and share it with everyone here. We post, we blog, we email, we text, we call, and we sing to raise awareness to the people God allowed us to fall in love with. Because of the amazing way God made us, we are able to come home and bring light to where we were. I was able to come home and bring light to the fact that Haiti isn't a scary place. It isn't full of despair and darkness. There are so many people who have Jesus, who have eternal joy. They trust and believe in God in ways we can never experience! We the church need to come together as one! For we are one church, one people, serving ONE God!!! And I am never going to stop till everyone knows the lifesaving power that comes from only one. My King, my Savior, and MY LORD!!! That is passion folks! That fire in your heart that keeps burning! Don't let your fire go out my love! Feed it! Spread it! Share it! Be a light! Be YOU! (and go to Haiti ;))

Our AMAZING group!!!
My AMAZING friend and 'sister'!
The world's cutest Le Le!
The most joyful child I have ever met. He gets his own post so stay tuned ;)
Pastor Albar has the passion I was talking about! He has a passion for what he does that will never go out! He loves his people, his Church, and his community, and his GOD!! 
Ashline. Such sass, such sweetness. Who knew you could have both?
My AMAZING work buddy!
Our home away from home
LOOK AT THE VIEW! That is what I call one of God's masterpieces!
We are braided together for life <3