Monday, March 13, 2017

An Open Letter to Special Needs Siblings

An Open Letter to Anyone with Siblings that have Special needs

Hey you. Yes you, the person trying so hard to keep it together for your parents and for your siblings. Life is hard and it's ok to say it is. You don't have to hide your feelings. Living with your sibling with special needs is hard. It has good days and bad days. You experience both. When your friends talk about all these family vacations they go on, you just sit there quietly and pretend like your family can do the same. Because you can seriously take your brother who loves to run and not listen to the Grand Canyon. Or your sister in a wheelchair with CP up the mountains on a hike. It just doesn't happen. I don't know, maybe you have siblings who can do everything with you like a normal sibling. But for does of you who don't have a 'normal' sibling, it's ok. Because you just have to find your way of fun. Different than most but unique in your own special way. Having a sibling with special needs is hard, but it is so amazing at the same time! You have a whole different perspective on life than most of the world, and you have a more openness to the people around you who might look or act a little different. But like I said, you have mixed emotions all the time. Some days you may not feel heard. You may not feel important. Or even loved. But you will be heard! Just find the right people to listen! You are important!! Your life matters so, so, so much!!! God put you in the place you are at right now to be who you are. He gave you your siblings with special needs. He doesn't make mistakes. He gave you the siblings you have because they need you. You need them. It can really frustrating at times when they can't do what you want them to. They can't do the same things as you. Trust me, I know. But even in those hard moments of realization, realize that you just have to do what they can do. It may not be as fun, but if you truly love your sibling, you are going to do whatever they can do so you can spend time with them. Also know, it's ok if you need space. Just go somewhere and take time for yourself. Nobody expects you to be the perfect sibling who does everything with your brother or sister. Your life matters too. So many people need YOU! Don't ever give up because you are doing a great job right now, at this moment, being an awesome special needs sibling! And you know what? Your parents love you. Even though it may not seem like it at times. When they are too busy to spend time with you, they love you just as much as your siblings. They just might need some extra care. One last thing, always know that no matter what happens, what you feel, or what you are going through, you aren't alone! Most of the time, someone else is going through exactly what you feel right now. We special needs siblings, need to stick together and support one another. Cause our life is hard but beautiful! Now go, be the sister, be the brother your sibling needs. They need you and they love you. Always.
A fellow special needs sibling

P.S. Don't punch those people glaring at your siblings. It's not nice. :) Even though they deserve it, it is not setting a good example to anyone. ;) Just punch them in your head. Twice because they need some sense knocked into them.