Thursday, January 26, 2017

Sponsor a child?

On my trip, I fell in love with the country of Haiti. Especially the children. 

On one of our last nights in Haiti, I volunteered to find sponsors for five children. For as little as $1.16 a day you can provide a child with:
*Christian Education
*School Uniform material each year
*Three new schools books each grade
*Hot meal Monday-Friday, year round
*Vacation Bible school the entire summer
*Upkeep and improvements to school property
*Medical care at the Mission E4 clinic

When I choose my sponsored child Nadie online, she was just a picture. Then I met her.

:) And I saw her at her school. :)

She WAS getting an education. She WAS getting a meal. 
(Her school)
For just a little more than a dollar a day you can give another child a chance at a better life. One of our translators was saying that in Haiti, education is a child'd ONLY chance. You can give a child a chance at a better life. :) If you are interested or want to learn more, email me at or comment below. I can show you pictures of children that I am finding sponsors for as well as some personal information of theirs. It takes so little to change a life. <3 Thank you!


Haiti is a beautiful place with beautiful people and I want to go back. :) Here are some pictures I took during my trip. Enjoy! (I'm not a very good photographer... Have grace :)) 

Monday, January 23, 2017

Poverty is Real.

I just got back from a week in Haiti. It was honestly the most meaningful week of my life by far. This country stole my heart. I am in love with every part of Haiti. Especially the children. <3 This past week has inspired and changed me in so many ways. I'm going to say that the most eye opening part was the bus ride from the airport in Port Au Prince to the Mission E4 Campus where we stayed. The poverty I had heard about and seen in pictures was coming to life. It was there. All my life I have heard about the "poverty in some far away country". But here I was, in this bus, and I was seeing it. It was real. It IS real. We are here in America not having to worry about where our next meal is coming from. We have running water and flushing toilets. So many things that we take for granted. We can just go to Kohls and buy a $40 shirt or go to some fancy restaurant and spend $60 on food. We just do it. We don't even have to think. We just do. I never spent more than $15 on a pair of jeans but I wouldn't feel guilty buying a $5 coffee at Starbucks. But like I said, this trip changed me for the better. Yesterday, the day after we got back, we went out to eat. Between me and my two grandparents, we spent $22. Now for some people, that doesn't sound like much. But for me, after just getting back from Haiti, I felt guilty. Like really guilty. It is $35 a month to sponsor a child. $22 is over half of that... Why didn't we just eat at home and spend that money on someone who actually needs it? This trip opened my eyes. That bus ride opened my eyes. Our walks through the villages opened my eyes. It all opened my eyes to see that there is a world in need. The small part of a small country that I saw, changed me. I am changed. This one week trip to Haiti, changed me and opened my eyes to see the poverty all around me. Not just material poverty but spiritual poverty as well. I ask one thing of you, next you turn on your faucet, pull a snack out of the fridge, or even take a shower with hot, running water, think about all those who can't. And say a prayer. Pray that God would use you in ways you can't even think of. That is all I have to say right now. But I will be back.