Friday, November 18, 2016

#279acts Meal time!

There is a Police Officer and his family that we personally know. (I am only doing this project because we personally know them. Please do not do this if you don't personally know the family of the Police Officer and they have said it was okay for you to do this.) After trying to think of something to do to thank him and his family, bringing them a meal popped into my head. Something easy and heartfelt. :) With younger kids, I had to consult with their grandma to make sure it was something they would eat as well. Baked mac and cheese is what we came up with.
The recipe I found was from "Spend with Pennies" HERE Please go to her blog to find the recipe. I made this for me before I made a batch for the family just to see how it would turn out and oh my goodness!!!!! It was SO good! So creamy and not your average mac and cheese. Again please go to her blog for the recipe.
I made the mac and cheese, some classic brownies, added some lettuce for the adults and applesauce for the kids, and I was set to deliver. :) She was very grateful for the meal and I got this note from grandma later :"Dinner was WONDERFUL! Thank you so much! Blank was very touched by your thoughtfulness and appreciation for his service as a policeman. Not everyone does these days so it meant a lot to him" Wouldn't that just make you want to do it all over again? :) If you want to feel happy because you made someone's day go HERE to learn more about my project "279 Acts for Heroes" You won't regret making an officer smile with a simple act of kindness! :) Thanks! #279acts

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