Wednesday, November 30, 2016

"279 Acts for Heroes" Ideas

Today I am going to share with you a list of ideas for my 279 Acts for Heroes Project! I hope as you look at this list, you will see an idea and take action! :) As of 11/30/16, only 5 acts of kindness for law enforcement have been completed and that makes me sad. Please, PLEASE do an act of kindness either from this list or something you come up with on your own and tell me about so I can add it to the list below. (use #279acts on Facebook) It would make my day. :)
Here are 12 ideas for acts of kindness for law enforcement!!!!

1. Kit-Kats with a tag: "Take a break. You've earned it!"
2. Tootsie Rolls with a tag: "Thank you for the role you play everyday"
3. Bring a meal to a Police Officer's family you personally know
4. Buy cookies or donuts from the grocery store and deliver them!
5. Bring in healthy snacks and energy drinks to your local station.
6. Bring in breakfast items. Orange juice, bananas, store made muffins, etc.
7. Lifesaver candy with a tag: "You're a lifesaver. Thank you!"
8. Bring in useful gift items.
9. Make and give police appreciation bags
10. Have your kids make handmade cards and deliver them
11. Share stories on social media of police officers showing love and kindness instead of hate.
12. Bring a gift to a police officer's family you personally know.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

"You've been Gobbled!"

Today my brother and I went and delivered 4 of these bags to our neighbors for Thanksgiving! :) A couple people were at work so we just causally went up and left them on the porch. But the neighbors at home, we did a little "Ding-dong-ditching" :) A little way to show some love. <3

What we included in the bag. :)

Here is the tag I created that you may use for personal use only! Have fun making your neighbors smile this holiday season!

Friday, November 18, 2016

#279acts Meal time!

There is a Police Officer and his family that we personally know. (I am only doing this project because we personally know them. Please do not do this if you don't personally know the family of the Police Officer and they have said it was okay for you to do this.) After trying to think of something to do to thank him and his family, bringing them a meal popped into my head. Something easy and heartfelt. :) With younger kids, I had to consult with their grandma to make sure it was something they would eat as well. Baked mac and cheese is what we came up with.
The recipe I found was from "Spend with Pennies" HERE Please go to her blog to find the recipe. I made this for me before I made a batch for the family just to see how it would turn out and oh my goodness!!!!! It was SO good! So creamy and not your average mac and cheese. Again please go to her blog for the recipe.
I made the mac and cheese, some classic brownies, added some lettuce for the adults and applesauce for the kids, and I was set to deliver. :) She was very grateful for the meal and I got this note from grandma later :"Dinner was WONDERFUL! Thank you so much! Blank was very touched by your thoughtfulness and appreciation for his service as a policeman. Not everyone does these days so it meant a lot to him" Wouldn't that just make you want to do it all over again? :) If you want to feel happy because you made someone's day go HERE to learn more about my project "279 Acts for Heroes" You won't regret making an officer smile with a simple act of kindness! :) Thanks! #279acts

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

It's All Worth It

I received the note pictured below today in the mail. :) Just when I was starting to get discouraged and thinking that the 279 Acts for Heroes Project I am doing was not making any difference. I thought it was just another one of those "projects" I think of and start but never really get anywhere. Well let me tell you, it's all worth it when you receive notes like this! :) Every act of kindness is appreciated more than we know. Every thing we do for others is worth it. It's all worth it! Keep going and spreading joy and smiles! And please, do an act of kindness for a Police Officer and let me know!
(this note is a thank you to you to if you did an Act for a Hero ;))

Saturday, November 12, 2016

World Kindness Day

Tomorrow (Sunday November 13th) is World Kindness Day!!! World Kindness Day is a global pay-it-forward celebration! Learn more HERE. How are you going to spread kindness?


Delivered this awesome basket to one of my favorite families!! :)

Kindness Bombed local hardware store!! <3

Left this candy in the mailbox for our awesome mailman! :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

279 Acts for Heroes

This is in collaboration with Jeremiah 31:3 Ministries. (my ministry) 

Today I decided to look up how many Police Officers have been shot in 2016... I was saddened to learn that according to, as of Nov. 9 2016, 279 Law enforcement officers have been shot or killed.... REALLY? 279 people have either laid down their lives or were willing to in order to protect us! Why does that go unnoticed?!? A couple more facts I found out were: on average, one law enforcement officer is killed in the line of duty somewhere in the United States every 61 hours. Every 61 hours people!! Also, since the first known line-of-duty death in 1791, more than 20,000 officers have made the ultimate sacrifice... 

When I learned all of this, I felt God lay on my heart to do something to bring smiles and love to Police Officers instead of what they usually face. So here is what we came up with. Presenting..... *drum roll "279 Acts for Heroes" (use #279acts on social media) Here is what I propose. Together, you and I are going to complete 279 acts of kindness for Law Enforcement Officers! We can bring love to them instead of hate. They serve us and keep us safe. They have laid down their lives! How can we not appreciate them? Do you think we can do this? I believe with God's help we can!! 
Anything you can do for your local Police Officers will be appreciated. Bring them donuts, healthy treats, handmade thank you cards, flowers, and anything else you can think of! (PleWhen you do something please email me and I will add it to the list below. 279 is big number. but I believe that with God, we can complete this big project! Also please share this on social media or anywhere you can! Please spread the word! #279acts READY? Can we do this? Yes we can! :) (You are welcome to print and use the card below to go with your acts of kindness for police officers.) More ideas HERE.
257 acts of kindness left to complete 

#1. Sent Thank-You cards to 8 local Police Stations 
#2. Made and brought cookies to local station -Sam J.
#3. Brought a snack basket to local station
#4. Brought donuts to local station -Marilyn D.
#5. Made and brought a meal to an Officer's family we personally know
#6. Witnessed lady buying coffee for a Police Officer -Kirsten B.
#7. Brought a gift basket to local station -Liz. B
#8. Brought a gift basket to local state trooper station - My family
#9. Sent a gift card to a Police Officer's family - Jill. B
#10. Brought breakfast in to officers at station (she works there) - Janelle R.
#11. Made hand-print thank you cards with kids
#12. Brought a basket of items in to local station - Meaghan B.
#13. Gave a treat to someone in honor of an injured officer
#14. Gave a treat to someone in honor of an injured officer
#15. Gave a gift card to a Officer neighbor - Jim D.
#16. Bought a coffee for a Police Officer observing traffic - Lyn Z.
#17. Gave a Target gift card to a Police Officer at the gas station - Pat B.
#18. Made and brought cards in to local station - R&R B.
#19. Brought fruit and vegetables into local station - Lisa G.
#20. Brought blue suckers and a thank you card in to local station
#21. Brought bananas to local station - Melissa W.
#22. Made thank you cards and delivered to local station - Rebekah B.