Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Day 5 of 31 Days of Love for the Elderly

Yesterday was my birthday. Yesterday I went to go color and spend time with residents at my local nursing home! :) I wasn't able to take pictures of the residents, but I can tell you we had a great time! It was so sweet to talk and color with residents. The lady I was sitting with, every time I told her her picture looked nice she got a huge smile on her face which made me realize I need to do this more. ;) The nurses and CNAs were so sweet to us and helped us get everyone sitting down to color. I totally recommend you go do anything involving the elderly. Most are SO sweet and fun to be with! The reason I am posting this on the 6th for the 5th  is because it was my birthday and my family was so good at making feel special I didn't have time to get on and post. So I am posting now! :) Have a great day and go get a time to visit your local nursing home!! 

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