Friday, March 25, 2016

Random Acts of Kindness for Cancer Patients

Today I made little cards of sunshine for cancer patients at our local cancer treatment center! :) I had little smiley faced erasers in my room and I decided it was time to put them to some happy use! I taped each one to a little card that said "Smile. Everything is going to be alright.". I really wanted to say "God has it under control" But I didn't know if they would allow religious themes and I didn't want them to be turned away. Hospitals I have contacted don't want religious themed items. I just wanted to be safe. :) I think I made 21?? Some number around there. I put them in a cute little basket, and prayed that each one will encourage the receiver and make them smile. They really appreciated them and said they will hand them out! :) Oh I have a new motto! "One smile at a time" What do you think? :) 

Smile!! Is there some way you can help cancer patients in your area??

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