Saturday, March 26, 2016

I have a Kindness Testimony!

This morning, my sister brought in the mail and there was a bag of candy in the stack. While sorting the mail, I found a little note. Ever once and a while I leave gifts in the mailbox for our mail carriers. We have two. Mr. Lee comes on the weekdays and Deb comes on Saturdays. I leave gifts for both of them. Well, today, there was a bag of candy in the mailbox with a note saying hope you have a good Easter! :)

Now I am not writing to brag that we got candy or anything. Or that maybe we have awesome mail carriers. Or even that when you give you receive. No, I am writing to say that kindness creates a ripple effect. You know what I mean? Kindness gets gets passed around. When you do an act of kindness, you have no idea the ripple effect you can start, but you do know that it will.
Happy Easter!

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