Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Different Types of Cards

These cards are just random types of cards. I will be updating this post with new cards often so be sure to keep checking back! :)
If you would like to order a card or two, order on my sidebar and also make sure you note what number is above the card you want to buy.
The money received will go towards my goal. Also on my sidebar. :)
The price of each card is $2.50 (including shipping) or 3 cards for $5.50 (including shipping).
Each card also comes with a free envelope.

#1 - Thank you card

#2 - Blank card SOLD

#3 - Blank card 

#4 - Blank card

#5 - Blank card

#6 - Blank card 

#7 - Blank card

#8 - Blank card SOLD

#9 - Blank card SOLD

#10 - Blank card SOLD

#11 - Blank card

#12 - "May the Lord hold you in the hollow in His hands" blank card

#13 - Get well soon card

#14 - I miss you card

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