Monday, February 22, 2016

My Day of Kindness

Yesterday, I got the opportunity to spend some time with my friend Izzy, and do acts of kindness!! :) 
Here is what we spent the day doing! Might I add that we have the most fun together doing not so random acts of kindness! :) It's how we have the most fun. Blessing others and "kindness bombing" Walmart! :) I always take pictures before but rarely while I do the act of kindness or after. I need to work on that.... But here in "before" pictures is what we did.

We gave away these three happy notes with free ice cream coupons inside! :)

We left these beautiful notes by all the makeup, nail polish, and hair stuff! :) Everyone in the whole wide world in beautiful and I intend to tell them.

We gave these cards with happy messages away to people and left them around the store.

And probably my favorite part was handing out 26 toys in honor of the 26 victims at Sandy Hook Elementary. This was AWESOME! We got a few hugs, a few puzzled looked, a few rejections, but a lot of smiles!!! :) Here are just some of the toys we gave away.

Over all, we had a LOT of fun!!! I hope this encourages you all to pass it on!!! 

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