Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas Candy Canes

The other day, we were in town so I did some Christmas random acts of kindness!
I brought candy canes to our dentist and all his "helpers"!!! :) They appreciated it so much.
I also brought another box of candy canes to my friend Margaret. She owns a craft store right here in town. She sells things that Joanne's and Hobby Lobby sells for just much cheaper. So I wanted to tell her how much I appreciate her by bringing her candy canes!!! :)

Around Christmas time, a box of candy canes is like $1. So cheap. So easy to just pick up a box and drop them off somewhere. Like, your dentist, librarians, postal officer worker/mailman, your bank tellers, police officers, etc. They would all appreciate it so so much! I challenge you from now until Christmas to bring at least one box of candy canes to someone you appreciate in your community! :)

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