Sunday, October 18, 2015

This Morning at Church

This morning, church was awesome! It always is though... :)
 But I left some cookies on Kim's desk and a little "Emergency kit" on Wendy's desk. :)
Kim is a very nice lady who used to be the children's ministry director at church before Wendy. She is also Kyra's mother. :) But Kim has been very kind to me and very helpful! So I wanted to brighten her day with some yummy cookies! :) (although I forgot to take a picture for you...) 
I did snap a picture of Wendy's "Emergency Kit" for you though! :)


Also this morning at church... I got to see Kyra! :) She has been at college for two months and she was home for the weekend so I got to see her at church this morning! :) That was awesome! I am also working on another care package for her so stay tuned! :)

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