Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Movie Night!

Tonight, I left some popcorn on a redbox machine. :) Now I hope the next person who goes to get a movie, will find this sweet treat and have a great night! The card on the popcorn says "This random act of kindness is for you! :) Please enjoy some popcorn with your movie tonight! Love, Me <3)
(Sorry the picture is dark. it was late.)
As I was taping it to the thing, the guy from the store came out to collect the carts cause it was closing time. I pretended to be looking at movies... But it seemed like it was taking him longer than usual to collect them so I just quickly taped it up and got back it the car. :) It's not that I don't want him to see it, I just don't want him to take it down! :)

Here are a couple more random acts of kindness ideas having to do with the redbox and movie nights! :)

1. Pay for the person behind you at the movie theater. Either while buying tickets or popcorn. :)
2. If  you rent a movie from a redbox, return it back with a couple dollars in the case for the next person to have free movie! :)


  1. Does that make me an accomplice if I was driving the get away car?