Saturday, October 3, 2015

Cheer Up Kit for Shannon!

So my pen pal Shannon, just wrote to me and told me about some hard things happening in her life right now. It felt like she needed some cheering up. So I made her this. :)

Here are better pictures of what I included. :) (sorry they're a little dark)

Then, after I had it all loaded in the box, (top pic) I added gold foil shreds. 

I put tissue paper on and then topped it with a card. :)

Shannon is very special to me. Her and I have been pen pals for 4 years and we plan to still be writing in another 4 years! :) We met at a homeschooler's family camp. She is super fun to be with and super fun to write with! :) If you need a friend, try a pen pal too. I have been blessed with FIVE pen pals! :) And they're names are: Gracelyn, Sarah, Katie, Madeline, and Shannon! 
I hope this package cheers Shannon when she might not feel like smiling! :)
I hope you will now go and make a cheer up package for your friend or pen pal. (A bonus for you, making this to cheer someone else up, cheers you up too!)
I love you Shannon! <3

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  1. I'm sure she will be very blessed by this! Love you and love your heart! :-)