Saturday, August 29, 2015

Hints for life!

Here are a few hints for living a happy life!

If you are having a bad day, make someone else have a great day and your day will be turned around!
1. Send a happy email to a friend.
2. Send a happy mail package to a friend or family member.
3. Call and say hi to someone you don't see very often.
4. Bring flowers to someone who could use a pick me up.
5. Make cookies for your neighbors or friends. (Who doesn't love cookies?)

If you are discouraged, encourage someone else and you will feel better about your life!
1. Send a friend an encouraging email with positive thoughts.
2. Send a card with encouragement inside.
3. Send someone inspiring quotes and verses.
4. Bring a friend flowers with a card saying how loved they are.
5. Smile to everyone you see. At the doctor appointments or the street.

If you can't smile, make someone else happy and you will be instantly smiling!
1. Bring a family or a friends a whole meal or just some cookies.
 2. Give a little gift to your mailman, a delivery person, or a store clerk.
3. Call a family member you don't see very often and say hi!
4. Send happy mail!
5. Bring cookies or donuts to your local fire station or police station. Or both!

There you go. A few hints for living a happy, meaningful life! :) Smile!

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