Friday, August 28, 2015

"Do Something" Challenge - "Be Creative" Care Package

I made a "Be Creative" care package for my new friend Kyra. :) She went off to college last week and I wanted to do something for her. So for when she is feeling stressed or bored, she can COLOR!!! :) It is really easy, simple, and cheap to make. Especially right now with all the school supplies on sale. 
What you need.
Coloring utensils. I used colored pencils, crayons, and markers.
A fun folder.
Coloring pages or books.
That's it! :)

First I printed off some coloring pages for FREE! Then I put them in this really cute folder, so she can store them and so they don't bend on the way.

Then, I bought the coloring utensils! Like I said before, with all the school supplies on sale right now, buying these things were cheap! :)
And then I put everything in an envelope and added a picture that I colored on the back.
"If you can be anything, be kind." Great words to live by. :)

I'm shipping it out today. I hope she likes it and it makes her smile! 
And I hope this inspires YOU to do something! :)

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