Sunday, August 16, 2015

Care Package Idea for a Older Lady

I recently made a care package for my grandma. And I thought I would share it here for you so you can make a care package for a older lady in your life.

First, I added something she could do and read. You could add any book you think she would like and anything that you think she might find fun to do. If she lives in a nursing home, having an activity book might be just the thing for her to pass time. You could also add a deck of cards for her to play with her friends.

Second, I added something that she might be able to use.
An agenda and memo book. :)

Last, I added some hand sanitizer and a pencil. Everyone needs a pencil right? :)
You can add anything she might find useful! :)

There you go! Now go and make one yourself! :)

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