Saturday, August 1, 2015

August 2nd National Days!

Tomorrow there are a couple National Days that I'm planning on doing random acts of kindness for. So here is what I'm planning on doing.

1. National Coloring Book Day.
I put together a coloring book and crayons and I am planning on giving it away to some kid who would enjoy it. :) 

2. National Friendship Day. 
I am planning on contacting all my friends thanking them for their wonderful friendships. Also, since tomorrow is Sunday, I am going to bring gifts to my friends at church. :)

If you want to send your friends a card, you can buy these cute note
cards. :)

3. National Sisters Day.
I am going to be spending time with all my sisters. And I might be giving them gifts as well! Depending how well behaved they are. :)

4. National Ice Cream Sandwich Day.
I am going to buy an ice cream sandwich and give it away to someone at the pool tomorrow! :)
And something for you... 
Ice cream sandwich recipes!!! :)
See them HERE.

There you go! Now you go and do a RAOK for one of these National Days! :)

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