Monday, July 13, 2015

RAOKs At Pool!

In August, my brother, my cousin, and me are doing an relay triathlon. I am doing the swimming part. Today was a good day to swim so I went to the local pool and trained. It was also a good day to do random acts of kindness! :) So here's what I did.

First, I left these two swimming items in the bathrooms. 
When we were there last week, I left a tube in the bathroom and it was gone today! So hopefully someone will find these two as well! :)

I also left these bubbles on the playground outside the pool for some special kid to find. :)

And this last one was my favorite. :) I brought this one dollar bill to leave it in a bathroom stall for someone to find and buy themselves a treat. But while we there, I saw a special little girl that I knew. So I asked her mom if I could buy her ice cream and she said I can if I wanted too but I didn't have too. Well of course I wanted too! :) So she came with me and she picked out a pink freeze pop. Yes it had to be pink! :) It was almost as big as her but she loved it and I loved getting it for her! :)  

And that's what I did today. :)

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