Friday, July 24, 2015

My Sunshine Birthday Party!

Last Friday, I had my sunshine birthday party! I didn't get as many pictures as last year but here you go! :)

Instead of presents, I asked everyone to bring yellow items for sunshine baskets. When my friends got here with their yellow items, we put them all together and sorted the items. We made four baskets. So we then sorted all the items into four different baskets trying to make sure each one had something of each. :)

Then we had pizza and cake. :) Yum!

After we ate, we went out to deliver the baskets to the four different places. Three out of four people were home.

Our first stop was at friends from church! He was home so we gave it to him! :) He loved it! His wife wasn't home but he said he would make sure she got it. Actually later after my party was done, she called and thanked me for it! :) She loved it! Here is what they got in their basket! A few things are not visible cause of the foil shreds but the bucket is full!

We had these for them but they didn't fit in the basket. So we brought them separate. :)

Second stop was a friend from church. They are my special friends. :) She didn't want to be in the picture, but her grand daughter, who I help watch sometimes was in the picture! :)

Here is what they got! :) Again, the foil shreds cover a few things up but the bucket is full!!

Little Lelia! :)

Third stop was a lady who has several different health issues. She wasn't home but we left it on her porch for her to find when she got home. :)

Fourth stop was to my Nana's house. Well she isn't technically my Nana but sometime a while ago we started calling her that and I guess we just never stopped. :) I hadn't seen her in a while so it was great to see her again! :) She loved her basket and all it's goodies! :)
You can't really see much in the picture. But there is a lot more in this basket then what is visible. :)

When we were done delivering our baskets we came home and played kick ball! :)
I had a great day! So thank you everyone who made it fun and special! I'm already thinking about next year...! :)

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