Monday, July 6, 2015

Jelina's 14 Random Acts Of Kindness

I have a sister who now lives in Heaven. Her name is Jelina Dawn. Her due date was around the end of June. She would have been turning 14 years old this year. So in memory of her and a gift for my mom, I completed 14 random acts of kindness.
I even did them all without my mom finding out! :) It was a little hard but it's okay. So here you go Mom, Dad, and everyone else. "Jelina's 14 Random Acts Of Kindness"

Oh, and I am not very good at taking pictures while doing the RAOK... So most of these are pictures before I did the RAOK. But I promise I did do the RAOK! :)

1. I went to a random parking lot and left three different envelopes on three different cars for three different people. :) Oh, and without getting caught in the act! :)

2. I went to a public bathroom and left over five different encouraging sticky notes to brighten people's day!
 Top: "You are Beautiful!" Bottom: "You are Special!"

3. I left money on a vending machine for some special person to find and enjoy a treat! :)

4. I left quarters on the kiddie rides to make some little kid VERY happy! :) Wouldn't you be happy to find money?!?

5. I gave a coloring book and crayons to an adorable little girl who seemed very happy to have a Minnie Mouse coloring book and crayons! :) Her smile was priceless!

6. I wrote a little encouraging note and left it on our table for our waiter to find with his tip! :)

7. I left a gift for the mailman in our mailbox for the mailman to find! :) He loves getting gifts.

8. Left three gifts for kids at the park. We actually got to see a kid find a toy! He was SO excited!!! He loved it! He showed all his friends ad then they ran off to find other ones and they succeeded in that! They were all so happy! :)
Bubbles, chalk, and a jump rope.
In the swing.
On the slide.

9. I went to the library and stuck a note and dollar bill in a kids book. If you were a kid, wouldn't you be happy to find a dollar bill in a book? Even if you were an adult! I mean, who doesn't love free money?!? :)
 "Open me! Yes you! I'm a surprise in your book! :)"

10. I handed out "flowers" with cards to four beautiful ladies I saw. They all seemed surprised to receive them but grateful at the same time. :) The flowers had verses on the inside.

11. I handed out cold water bottles to six tired looking mommies and daddies at the park who were very grateful for something to drink after chasing their little ones around. I know how that goes! :)

12. I decided to hand out a five dollar bill. I wanted to give it to someone who looked like they could use it. But I really can't determine that. So I trusted that God had me give it to someone who needed it. Even though it's only $5. I felt like I needed to give it to this young woman who had a young child. So I walked up to her and handed the bill to her with my RAOK card and told her it was for her. She didn't seem to understand why a teen girl was giving her a five dollar bill just because. I explained to her why I was doing it and finally she took it and seemed grateful. :) Mission accomplished! :)

13. I passed out compliments to people! :) I hope that they did pass the compliments on and they are now being passed from person to person brightening each life! :)

14. I put together a "happy mail" package to give to some kid I find. But I can't really call it happy mail if I'm not sending it through the mail. So I guess I'll just call it a "Happy package" :) I found a kid and asked his mom's permission first (I always do) and with the permission, I gave him a package full of fun! :) He seemed to like it. But I think his mom was more touched. :)

So there you go. In memory of sister Jelina Dawn, I completed 14 random acts of kindness. 
And I'm happy and I think she is too. :) Thanks for reading.


  1. Wow, Anna. I don't know what to say, Thank you for sharing the love of your "big" sister. I'm deeply touched that you would remember her, and then spend so much time remembering her. Thank you for blessing others in her memory. I am the one that is truly BLESSED! Love you!

    1. :) I loved doing it! Your welcome.