Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Care Package Idea for a Little Girl

I put together this care package for a little girl I know and I thought I would share it with you for the little girl in your life! :) It's really easy to put together and so fun the recipient!

Number one, you need fun activities. Such as, stickers, a Play Pack, and a coloring and activity roll. :) But be creative. You could also include, 
Sticker book
Coloring book and crayons
Velvet art picture
Scratch art
Anything a little girl would like to do! :)

Number two, things to play with outside. Like bubbles and glow sticks. But you could also include,
Depending on how old they are, you could also include, a jump rope.

Something you have to add to every little girl care package, is....
Pretties! :) Here I have a bracelet, hair bow, and headband. But you could also add 
A necklace
Fabric reversible headbands
Hair ribbons
Hair bands
And so much more!!! :)

Then once you have everything, decide if you are going to put it in a basket or wrap it. I wrapped mine, so I found a pink box and put everything in it.

We didn't have any pink wrapping paper, so yellow had to work. And it does! :)

So there you go. A little girl care package idea! :) Have fun!

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