Saturday, June 6, 2015

RAOKs to do With Things From Home

Here are a few random acts of kindness you can do with supplies that you probably already have at home. :) So you shouldn't have to buy much for these RAOKs.

1. Write compliments on strips of paper and hand them out to random people who look like they could a compliment.
2. Hand write an encouraging a note for a stranger in a note card.
3. Write verses and/or positive messages on index cards and hand them out or leave them on public places.
4. Write positive messages on sticky notes and place them on bathroom mirrors. (You are Beautiful-You shine-You're worth more than gold- etc.)
5. Make cards with printer paper and DECORATE! Write a nice message inside and hand out to random strangers looking like they need a smile! :)

I will post some more sometime later. :) Have a great day and go do random acts of kindness!!!

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