Friday, May 1, 2015

Confetti for Happy Mail!!

When you send happy mail, it is just not complete without confetti!! :) After I put everything in my envelopes, I sprinkle confetti on top! But, I don't buy my own, I make it! Of course you could buy confetti to use, but why buy it when you can make it?!? There are lots of different ways to make it! I'll show you some ways.

The first one is easy tissue paper confetti. All you need is tissue paper and scissors. First, fold your tissue paper up like this. The long way

Then cut strips.

Then cut the strips into squares and there you go! Confetti!!!

Add it to my stash. :)

Another way to make confetti is with a paper punch and scraps of paper.
All you have to do is punch little shapes out of your paper, and there you go. More easy confetti!

You can also cut up the foil blow horn wrappers for shiny confetti! :)

Cut off the end strips.

And then cut those up! There you go, even more easy confetti!

Here are some materials you can punch out of to make different kinds of confetti.

Paint chips

Crepe paper

So many easy ways to make confetti! When you send happy mail now, always make sure you add confetti! :) It adds fun to your package! Have a fun day and send happy mail!

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