Monday, April 20, 2015

My Trip to the Creation Museum!

This past week, my dad, me and a group of others, went down to the Creation Museum in KY. We went to volunteer there. We had a lot of fun! Besides working, we got to walk through the museum for free, ride the camels for free, and watch planetarium shows for free! The awesome benefits of volunteering!! :) The things we did were filling bags for the women's conference they had coming up, filling online orders at their warehouse, stocking selves in the bookstore, and organizing the room where the bookstore stores stuff. We also got to walk around the gardens!! The pictures below are of the gardens at the museum. They were very beautiful! I loved the pink trees! Enjoy the pictures! 

This is one of my favorite pictures! The landscapes were so pretty!

Pink trees!! So pretty!

There were about five different waterfalls like this! I loved them!

Have a great day!! 

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