Sunday, April 5, 2015

Kindness at the Hospital

This past weekend, I went with my Mom up to my Grandma and Grandpa's house. My Grandma is in the hospital so we went to see her and we also made them freezer meals. But, since we were at the hospital.... I did RAOKs!!!!!

We went to see my Grandma 3 different days. And every time we went, I left quarters at the vending machines! And every time I went to leave more, the ones I left before were gone! :-)

Then I made up a little gift basket for the nurses caring for my Grandma. I took advantage of the 60 cent candy bars at the store, my Grandma's buckets of gift wrapping supplies, and her selves of baskets cause she does flower arranging as a hobby! :-) After a little time, I got this!!

"Thank you for being such good nurses to my Grandma!" :-)
There are so many other RAOK ideas that you can do at the hospital! I didn't really come prepared, but you could bring toys to the Children's part of the hopital (check with your local hospital on what you can or can't bring) or chemo care kits for the cancer centers. Big sister or brother kits. and SO much more! And let me tell you this, the nurses were so happy to be appreciated!! :-)

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