Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekly Random Act Of Kindness Challenge "Week #2"

This week, your challenge is to, leave a gift in your mailbox for your mailman. I have done this several times before. And each and every time, he puts a sweet little thank you note back in the mailbox! :-) He loves getting little gifts in the mailbox! And wouldn't you too? Been up since early, maybe having a bad day. And then you get to a mailbox. Open it up. And find a little gift? I sure would! And also very easy!
Pros: You get to feel good inside. You make your mailman happy. You get to complete the weekly challenge this week!
Cons: None!!!!!

Picture is from last May when I did the 30 days of random acts of kindness and left a gift for the mailman.

Want more ideas?? Visit my Pinterest board! Also see my other blog posts about random acts of kindness! Thank you!


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