Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day a day early! :-) I hope you have a WONDERFUL day tomorrow! Tomorrow, tell you family and friends you care about what they do and that you love them. Since February is all about love, I want to do something.....

Starting today, till February 20, I want you to tell me something about how much God loves us! 
Like this "God's love for you is 'Deeper than the ocean!'" 
Or "Higher than the sky". 
Make up your own and either leave it in the comments or email me!
On February 21, I will put them all together for you and post it on here for you to see!
Please do it with me and show many people how much God loves us!!!
Thank you!


This Valentine's Day, if you feel like you want to show love.... Please show love to the orphans, young girls and boys, and adults in Ukraine by buying something off my blog. By buying anything off this blog, you are helping children and adults in Ukraine have a brighter future. Any money I earn, I donate to True Hope Ukraine. Visit their website HERE. I also talk about them on the sidebar of my blog. Also on the sidebar of my blog is, the place where you can place your order if you would like to help and show love to these people who have never felt the love of Jesus Christ! Thank you and have blessed Valentine's Day!

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