Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Random Acts Of Kindness

Today I did a few different RAOKs. I gave emergency chocolate bars to two people (find the printable HERE). I left quarters in a candy machine. I went to babysit for a little cutie named David. I gave him some gifts. I started a book on a adventure. And I left Sticky Notes Of Hope (See more information HERE)!!!

Emergency Chocolate!!!

It is NOT to be shared. EVER!

Quarters in the candy machine.

These are the two gifts I brought for David!
Jello and a rubber duck! (The dog ended up getting the duck....)

The Tale Of Peter Rabbit.

This is the book I brought to David to read and then pass on! 

I put this note on the inside.
Do Random Acts Of Kindness!!! When you do something for someone else, it makes them feel good. But it also makes you feel good! I get a wonderful feeling inside that makes me keep going! :-) 

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