Sunday, December 21, 2014

Around Town.

Friday, my mom  and I went around town and did Christmas RAOK! We went to the post office first. We dropped off a package, and I gave the lady there a candy cane full of candy. Then we went to the library and I stuck Christmas stickers into a few different books. After the library, we went to the bank where my youth leader, Gabby, works. I gave her a box of candy canes for her and the other ladies she works with. The lady at the post office and Gabby were very appreciative!


Today is also Crossword Puzzle Day. So here is a Christmas crossword puzzle for you!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Caroling and Children"s Hospital.

Last Saturday, I went caroling to four different nursing homes with a group from our church. I had a lot of fun! I also learned a couple new Christmas carols! :-)

My little brother had a doctor appointment at the Children's Hospital. And I had some donations for the hospital. So my mom brought the donations to the hospital for me. I did not get a picture first.... So I will tell you what I donated.

- A couple coloring books with crayons
- Homemade "Get Well Soon" cards
- Two play dough cupcake decorating kits.
- Craft kits

My mom said they were very appreciative.

I am doing more Christmas RAOK tomorrow!!!

Monday, December 8, 2014

National Brownie Day!

Today is National Brownie Day! So, take a break from whatever you are doing today and either make brownies or go buy some already made then have a treat while celebrating National Brownie Day! :-)

My first Christmas RAOK!

Our home school group went on Friday to a local nursing home and did a Christmas play for the residents there! The little kid group did a Christmas poem, the middle age kids did the Charlie Brown Christmas, and my group did the Christmas story straight out of the bible. We also sang Christmas Carols. It was fun! And I'm positive the residents enjoyed it! After we were done I gave the activity director two packs of large print playing cards! She was thankful!

This was the first Christmas Random Act Of Kindness out of many that I will do and post about! Please join me in making a difference this Christmas!