Friday, November 21, 2014

Easy and Cheap Random Acts of Kindness

10 Easy and Cheap (And free!) random acts of kindness! 

1. Hold the door open for someone.

2. Compliment someone.

3. Write verses on index cards and leave them on products at the store.

4. Be friendly and smile to everyone you see.

5. Print off coloring pages to give to kids.

6. Write cards of encouragement out to people who are sick and hurting.

7. Bring homemade cookies and thank you cards to those serving in your community.

8. Mail stickers to kids. (They really like it!).

9. Put bookmarks, stickers, verses in library books.

10. Leave coins on vending machines.

There you go! 10 easy, cheap, and free random acts of kindness! Have a Happy Thanksgiving! 

(As soon as Thanksgiving is over, I will start posting about all the Christmas RAOK I'm will be doing.) 

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