Thursday, August 28, 2014

Library Surprises - "Do Something" Challenge

I was at the library and I brought bookmarks with a simple note and hid them in random books! The note said "this is a random act of kindness! Jesus loves you!" I think it would be fun to find a bookmark in a book I checked out! I don't remember how many I hid.... But I did forget my camera...... So I saved one to bring home and take picture for you! They are not very kid like bookmarks so I hid them in books meant for older people. Be creative in what you hid in books at you library!

Monday, August 25, 2014

"Do Something" Challenge - Catch up at Camp

I have not posted in a while because we have been gone all weekend at Homeschool Family Camp. But that doesn't mean I have not done anything. I have done many things. First, right before I left, I gave my friend Maggie, a bag of treats with a tag that said "You are out of this world"! You may print the printable out HERE. (Sorry, no picture.....) Once at Camp, the first thing I did was was left some packages of extra gum with THIS cute printablein the bathroom stalls! I also gave away a "Boredom Survival" kit to a family with young kids! There is no printable because I made it.
What The outside looked like.

What the inside looked like.

Everything in there. (Sorry, bad picture.)
Lots of Fun!

A close up of some of the items.
I also gave a "JOY in Jar" jar to a kid! It had goodies, but not as many! :-) You can print the printable out HERE.

Joy Joy JOY!!!!!
And what ever you do for this challenge doesn't have to be a random act of kindness or a gift! It can be anything showing just a little love towards someone or helping them out! Like this past weekend I saw a little boy getting impatient while his parents were talking so I went over and asked if I could take him to the park to play while they finished talking. She said "Why thank you! That would be wonderful!". See, it doesn't have to be big. Even something small can show how big God's love is!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Emergency Chocolate - "Do Something" Challenge

This is my first act of love in my "Do Something" challenge! Wednesday, I gave two emergency bars of chocolate to my sibling's speech therapist and the receptionist! They appreciated them. :-)  I am also leaving another bar in our mailbox for our mailman! I keep missing him though...... And I was gone all weekend he will probably not get it till tomorrow.... Oh Well.

You can do this too! Print the printable off HERE and grap a chocolate bar! This a fun and simple way to make someone's day!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

"Do Something" Challenge

Hi Everyone!
Starting today till the end of September, I will be doing a "Do Something" Challenge! Through that time, I am going to be doing random acts of kindness, volunteering, helping others, sevring others, blessing others and so much more! Follow along on my blog for ideas and more. To get every post to your email, you can sign up on the sidebar of my blog.  My favorite song and what gave me the idea to this challenge, is this song by Matthew West. "Do Something".

Are you accepting the challenge????????