Saturday, July 19, 2014

My RAOK Birthday Party (part 1)

For my birthday this year, I did RAOK party! At my party we did a whole bunch of RAOK! This first part is all the stations where we get RAOK ready to give away! (Most of it I had ready because we might not have a lot of time.) I assigned groups right when my friends got here. Each group took turns going to each station in my room doing what is at each station. I had three stations.

 Writing letters of encouragement, 

Creating cards to go with crackers and making labels to go on water bottles,

and making rainbow loom bracelets for the kids in Haiti! (Want to get help! Go HERE!)

Here are some more pictures!

We took the cards and put crackers with them!

Here is the stuff I had done ahead of time!
Play-doh, two Easter eggs, bubbles, dollar, and treasure!

Group 1's water bottles.

Group 1's Cards.

Maggie and Katie making labels.

Group 2's bottles.

Group 2's cards.

Katie helping Rebekah!

Izzy being too shy to look at the camera! :-) (She told me not to post this picture!)

Izzy and Rachel making bracelets!

Everyone making bracelets!

Then we went downstairs........

Stay tuned to find out what happened next in "My RAOK Birthday Party (part 2)"!

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