Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Day 5 and 6 of RAOK

Yes, again. I did not post about anything yesterday... But I'm doing three random acts of kindness today to make up for it!

1. I gave away two cute erasers! One is a eraser that is a puzzle too! (How cool?!) The other one is a huge cupcake eraser!

2. I made a few stress relief kits to give away! I found the idea HERE!! I also gave one of them away!

Aren't these cute?! They are really simple too!
All they have in them are bubble wrap and chocolate
(If you know me, then you should know that I didn't have any chocolate just laying around...) :-)!   

3. I sent encouraging notes to two people! One to someone in our church and one to one of our church's missionaries! (Sorry I didn't get a picture... it got too dark.)

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