Friday, May 23, 2014

Day 22 and 23 of RAOK

I did not post about anything yesterday because last night, we put a movie in and before I knew it it was 10:30 and we had to go to bed! But I promise I did do something! (Even ask my family!) So, yesterday I gave away two of these really cute bags filled with goodies! If you want to know what is in them, check out THIS post where I gave one away. Today, I gave some nutty bars and a note to my next door neighbor! The note says "Here are some nutty bars so you always remember I'm a nutty friend! :-)"!

What I gave away for day 22.

What I gave for day 23.


Guess what we finally put up today after this long cold spring? (Only if you live in Wisconsin would you understand that statement!) :-) 

Our pool!!!!!
as you can see, we are still working on filling it up. We couldn't wait any longer so we were in there before it even got up to 3 inches! :-) That's how desperate we were!

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