Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Day 19 and 20 of RAOK

I did not post yesterday because I got very busy and forgot.... Actually I did not even do anything yesterday.... I'm doing 2 today though! I wrote 3 notes and sent them to people in our church! And while I was out there, I left a cute gift in the mailbox for the mailman! The note on it said, "We LOVE getting our mail! Thank you Mr. Mailman!" I took a baby food jar and filled it with red starbursts (oh, and the note was on red paper!) and put note on and it was ready to go! You can never thank your Mailman enough! :-) Right now I can get the picture to work and My mom is gone and My dad is almost in bed and would not like it if I asked him to help me... So, I will post the picture tomorrow!! Sorry...........

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